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Devil505 12-06-2006 07:01 AM

Coal Stove Hood
I have forced hot air as my central heat & a coal stove in my basement family room. The coal stove really warms the whole house (a split entry ranch) except on the coldest mornings. (the regular heat really comes on very rarely)
In order to spread the heat (from the coal stove) more effectively through out the house, I did the following:
1. Disconnected a round 6" supply duct from an upstairs bedroom. (this duct runs above the coal stove & was unused as it is the 2nd duct in the bedroom above which I like to keep cool anyway)
2. Cut this duct just above the coal stove & connected a 6" duct fan into the (now open) pipe so that the fan would blow the warm (coal stove) air back into the main supply duct. (the reverse direction of the central heat)
3. Added a 90 degree elbow & made a small hood above the suspended ceiling over the stove.

I figured this would help distribute the air through the main duct when the normal heat (which rarely comes on anyway) isn't on.

After I did this I had a few thoughts:

Are there baffles in the main duct that would block air coming from the reverse direction & thus hinder the flow?

The round 6" branch ducts are attached at the top of the main (square) duct & thus I figured the warm air would natuarly find it's way up into these ducts anyway??

Any thoughts or tips on how to increase efficiency would be appreciated!

acefurnacefixer 12-06-2006 05:32 PM

very bad idea.........The correct thing to do is to tie the coal stove in right next to the furnace, the coal stove would have to have a blower on it for it to work. You may have been better off just to run the fan on your furnace in the "on" postion, it would possibly grab the warm air from the room that the stove is in and cirulate through the house.

Even at that, the air is going to loose heat fast as it travel through the ducts.

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