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notmrfixit 07-04-2008 07:09 PM

Clueless on a/c leak trouble
Quick info on the unit: I am a new, first-time homeowner. Just bought a house built in 1995 and has a Trane a/c unit built the same year. Air handler is vertical in a closet inside the home. The unit sits on top of a large cube like mount where a short (but wide) flex duct works as the intake duct under the unit.

Opening the door to the handler is a filter. Behind the filter is a coil like device. At the base of this area are 2 pvc pipes. One pipe seems to go to the outside drain, another pipe runs next to the other but is just a few inches long and only runs inside the unit and has an upward bend and is open at the top (you can look down into it). I have no idea what the purpose is of this short, open pvc pipe.

The problem: Have been in the house about 2 months. Two weeks ago noticed a dripping sound coming from the closet. Figured it was normal (big mistake). A few days later I hear a drip again, but it sounds like a drip into a puddle. I then see water dripping from the base of the coil falling into the intake duct and a puddle has formed.

I clean up the puddle and look up info on the problem. I then use a wet vac to suck out the drain outside as well as the open area to the pipe inside the unit. A decent amount of water comes out and problem seems fixed. A couple of days go by and then I hear the dripping again. Not enough to make a puddle yet, but I clean out the duct and then use wet vac on outside drain and the opening on the inside pipe again and pour some bleach into the pipe. I also try using the 'out' on the wet vac and blow air from the inside of the pipe. All is OK a couple days then problem returns. This entire time I have not seen any water dripping from the outside drain pipe unless I use the wet vac.

Also, there is always a little bit of water laying inside the pvc pipe that has the opening inside the unit but it never overflows. When the unit is leaking, the area around the unit itself is also damp but not soaked. I've run out of ideas...suggestions are very much appreciated.

BTW, a/c cools just fine the whole time, just can't get rid of this leak problem.


geo fan 07-04-2008 08:39 PM

clean the trap . take pictures I believe I understand your problem but I want to be sure. three posibilitys cloged drain, uncapped clean out (allowing air to rush in the drain and pushing agianst the water trying to drain out) ,or a cracked pan(or rusted through)

notmrfixit 07-06-2008 06:42 AM

geo...thanks for the reply. I've been trying to get some photos uploaded but they just are not coming out well. It's fairlly dark in the area where the unit is and even with a lamp moved to that area just not enough light gets into the closet for a photo to come out.

One more piece of info: The unit only drips water from the bottom of the coil area when the unit is off between cycles. It doesn't seem to drip while it is running.

If I needed to clean the drain pan I don't see how I would access it. I know a photo would help here, but basically when you open the door there is a vertical standing filter. Remove the filter and there is a coil sitting at a slant. There is nothing else to get access to without some serious removal of what looks to be like large steel frames that the coil is attached to.

Thanks again for any help/other suggestions.

geo fan 07-06-2008 09:33 AM

material list
go to a home center and purchase:
-all 3/4 pvc
-1-length of pipe
-1-p trap
-1 male /1 female adapter
- a few couplings and a couple elbows
-purple pvc primmer and glue
-pvc cutters
Cut out the old drain use on of the adapters to attach to the pan and a short peice and a tee (with the run up and down) off the top of the tee a short peice with a cap (unglued) , off the bottom the p-trap . this should be connected to the exsisiting pipe before its connected to the tee . Or call a pro

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