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drewcifer 07-11-2010 12:17 PM

Central air diy install?
I recently aquires a complete system less the lines to install in my house. there are no lines with the system. the condencer has been installed and the compressor is in location. the entire system is empty of refrigerant and i need to install new lines and have someone charge it. any advise? i dont think pre charged lines will work due to the condenser and compressor being empty. can i plumb it in with 1/4 and 3/4 flex copper?

biggles 07-11-2010 12:41 PM

danger ...danger....:eek: you better make sure the condenser service valves are closed as you received it that is freon within the condenser and it is atmospheric you are screwed...right off with moisture.that has to be positive from the for piping if you BRAZE you can knock it off what's the freon tagged 410a thats 800 psi :wink: running how's :whistling2: your brazing.all the work will be voided without a good MICRON RECORDED VACUUM you can do it if you can hook up guages and be 100% confident in that brazing......the freon you need a license to buy all this is covered with a local guy maybe doing side work and can knock it off after hours.if you see a local guy who is hanging in his truck with the AC on doing paper work don't be shy tap on his window and ask does he or fellow guys do side work .explain the cond/evap are in and basiclly you need it piped up and on the perverbable BARREL HEAD and your done.:thumbup:

COLDIRON 07-12-2010 05:55 AM

Your already ahead of the game by having the equipment in place, don't mess around with the lines or final work it takes a highly skilled trained mechanic to complete the work. Any body could do what's already done the hard part is left.

beenthere 07-12-2010 06:25 AM

No one can tell you what size line set is needed since you didn't list brand and size of system. Or how long the line set will be.

Since the system is open to the atmosphere. The current liquid line drier in the cabinet(if it has one) will need to be removed and replaced. And then a good vacuum pulled. Before it can be recharged.

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