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Clutchcargo, don't dispair

I just checked my gas bills, as I had tallied them up since 2005 thru 2010. I originally did this because the price of gas has dropped dramatically in the last 7 years, but my bill was not dropping near as fast. I am using a 105000 btu to heat my home down to -5f. I also had a 275,000 boiler which I tossed. The savings was little.

But, I would really like to put this all into perspective. When I earlier said that my heating bill was $1,800, I WAS WRONG. My 2009 gas bill totaled $1,543.58. My total therms used after taking the boiler out was down like 8% (from the highest of my usage, which was 2005). The total therms used for 2009 was 2092 and for 2010, it was 1992, only 4.6% difference. I took the boiler out in September 2009, and my bills are tallied from Jan 18 to Jan 18 or so, making it only possible to estimate. If I save $100 per year without the large boiler, my gas bill would be more like $1,450.00, BUT WAIT. I put a new 50 gallon hot water heater, and it as actually using a little more gas than my 40 gallon percolator that was ancient. Let's take out something for my hot water heater and gas dryer. The sticker on the side of the water heater says it cost $315 for a family of four. There are two of us + the gas dryer, so let's take out $250 per year for their useage. We are now down to $1,200 per year to heat the home. BUT WAIT. I just lowered the flame on the boiler by 200% or whatever because it was roaring, and I mean loud. Never gave this a thought before. I said in an earlier post that my manual says that the very light blue part of the flame should be a 1/4" to a 1/2", but I was only able to turn it down to 5/8". But, it had been over 1 - 1/2 inches. This is huge! I am really interested to see what this does for my bill for 2011. init1200, I hope you are still here. So, let's say my actual heating bill is $1,000 or $1,200. My January bills are typically $350, where init1200, I think you said you paid $250. Last January was horrible here and my therms for that month were 499 vs a typical of 300 plus or minus. What I am getting at is that init1200s bill should be less for heat only. If my heating gas is $1,200 per year based on current gas cost, why would I want to spend twice on a new modcon boiler and then pay $300 per year to install a new ignitor and cleaning and adjustment???? And, don't forget the higher repair bills that will come your way, for sure. If my heat bill only turns out to be $1,000, why on earth would I want to spend $300 per year for the annual tune-up. That is 25-30% of my gas bill!!!!!!!!!! My owners manual shows me how to clean my boiler. It will work just fine if you do it when it looks dirty, every 5 to 10 years. Check the burners once per year (takes one minute to pull all but one and return it. Check the flame on the burners and the pilot and check the water pressure to see if it is OK. Most operate at about 12 PSI. See if you can find that in your modcon manual.

Rob, where the heck are you and your Brookhaven or Brookstone Institute with all of your "research"? Post your gas bills for the last year, please. I challenge anyone with a modcon and largely uninsulated house with 600 square feet of windows to post your bills online. I am willing to do it, and so should you. We can then make a valid comparison.


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Unfortunately, your if-ing your gas bill for heating, and in reality, have no idea what it really is. So most if not all of your post is just conjecture/guessing. And gives no real info as to weather a standard cast iron boiler or a Mod/con is better.

Then your speculation that a Mod/con would need a new ignitor every year is completely wrong. Mod/cons like any other boiler can be bought with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. So your estimate on repair cost is wrong also.I have installed mod/cons that have not had any parts replaced in 8 years. Others needed a circ replaced, but the circ is ot made by the boiler maker.

Yep, I've had to replace blowers and controls on mod/cons. Had to replace inducers and controls on standard boilers also. So no difference.

Mod/cons like many boilers don't need adjustments every year. Sounds like you been listening to people that don't have any real experience with Mod/cons, and are just repeating rumors that you have heard from them, the unknowing.


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