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Thomas S 03-30-2008 02:25 PM

#CARRIERMAN please advise
I see that you have been most helpful to many others with HVAC problems. I hope you can advise me as well.

I have a Carrier 58EJA100-JC that has performed well for 15 years. Recently the inducer blower motor died and I've been attempting to replace it.

I went to Carrier's website for info, but that was a waste of time. Then I googled the Fasco site, looking for a replacement for their part number 240101. No luck with that number, but the other number on the motor, 70623136, crossed over to an A142 blower. Now I was getting somewhere! I found an A142 on e-bay for $180. That was a huge savings over the OEM Carrier part, which they wanted over $500 for, so I bought one.

The unit looks the same except for the location of the boss for the drain hose. No big deal. It was easy to add a drain in the correct location on the scroll case. I knocked out the boss on the small vent (which is in the same spot as on the OEM blower), hooked it up and fired it up.

The furnace attempts to start, but it won't stay lit. :( The inducer motor appears to work just fine, so what's the problem? [One little thing I noticed is that in the OEM installation there was a washer surrounding the inlet port of the blower. It appears to be an airflow restrictor. I re-installed it when I mounted the new blower - but I wonder if I should have.]

I would just swap the motors and use the old case and fan, but the case is broken at the outlet and the fan has suffered some damage as well. I'm really disappointed at the cheesy, plastic construction of this part and would much prefer to buy one made out of a more durable one-piece design - but it is what it is.

I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer. TIA.

Tom S

metal-maniac 03-31-2008 05:28 PM

Clean the flame sensor!

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