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davidwilp 11-16-2006 08:41 PM

? for CarrierMan

The dimensions I have for the air handler closet is: 23W x 24Deep x 44H. These are approximate. The current air handler itself is 21W x 22D x 34.5H.

This airhandler has the pipes coming out of the left side of the unit. I have been told most of them today are in the front. What comes close for me in the Infinity line?

Also, I currently have a 4 ton unit there. If I have 23,122 CuFt to cool with this unit do you think upgrading to a 5 ton would be to much?

Last question is this. One guy told us a 5 ton air handler would be noisier than a 4 ton. Is that true to any great extent?


#CARRIERMAN 11-17-2006 08:15 AM

Hi davidwilp

If you will give me either the dimensions of your house, or the square footage and the area where you live. You don,t have to give me your address just the area, different parts of the country require different CFM. If you can let me know the model # of current system also, I will get you on the right path. Thanks.

Good luck

davidwilp 11-17-2006 01:10 PM

For Rusty

The sqft of the area to be cooled by this unit (I have another unit to that covers other areas) is 2,045 sqft. Some of the ceilings are 18ft , some are 10.5ft & some are 8ft high. The total Cubic feet is 23,122.

I now have a Rheem Model RBEA-21 J1 0SUCI
Serial# T M5292 7782

I live in South Florida near Ft. Lauderdale.

Someone just gave me a quote today for a Carrier Comfort series 4Ton, 14.5 SEER of $4,700 installed which includes running new copper. He said a Infinity series would be about $800 more.

The new copper would run about 18ft high outside the house, then drill a hole and then a straight run in the attic of about 13ft.

Does that price seem reasonable for the unit he is talking about?
Also I wanted to get a 5 ton unit which he said the house could handle.

Is the 5 Ton air handler going to give off more noise than the 4 ton? It is right outside my son's bedroom.

Thanks for your help Rusty,

#CARRIERMAN 11-17-2006 01:42 PM

Hi davidwilp

In your area they should be calculating the A/C @ 400 sqft per ton due to the humidity. I would definatley go for the 5 ton, your load actually calculates out to be 5.1 tons. The plus in using the Infinity over the comfort is the blower, remember in my earlier responsens I told you it had a variable speed. What the variable speed is able to do is to correct the CFM as the filter loads up, a fixed capacity blower cannot do this. With the Infinity you can leave the blower running year round for the cost of leaving a single 80 watt lightbulb on all year. With the high ceilings I believe this would be the perfect fit for you. As far as the cost I am assuming they are installing duct work along with it. Please when you have something bid, make sure you get several bids and make sure they know you are doing this. Always ask questions and make sure they spell out what their intent is. This is your house and your investment, your first choice has been an excellent one. Make sure the rest are as good. I know you know not to jump on the lowest bid, your stomach will tell you who's shooting strait. Trust yourself. Let me know if I can help further

Good Luck

davidwilp 11-17-2006 03:01 PM

I appreciate all your help.

If you recall you were going to check for me and see if there was anything in the infinity line that would fit the dimensions of the air handler closet.

The quote I had does not include duct work. Ducts are already in place from old unit? Should they be replacing that? Do I need different duct work because I am going from 4 ton to 5 ton?


#CARRIERMAN 11-17-2006 04:40 PM

Hi davidwilp

I'm sorry I did not include this in my last post, I had the book opened up to it and everything. The Infinity air handler dimensions are 59 3/16" heigh, 24 11/16" wide, 22 11/16" in depth, your current closet configuration would not be able to accomodate it. And to the second part of your question, the duct work has to be matched to the CFM of whatever unit you use. There is very little chance that the duct work for what would appear to be a 3 ton would even come close. Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear. But any big money investment is worth weighing all options, spend your money one time.

Good luck

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