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rickvj 01-22-2008 08:05 AM

Carrier Weathermaker SX Exhaust Fan Motor
I have a Carrier Weathermaker SX and the exhaust fan motor is making a pinging/rattling noise and seems to be hotter than it should be. Is there cause for alarm? Should I replace it right away? Can I just replace the motor is there an entire motor/fan assembly that I need to get?

Thanks for the help.


HvacWiz 01-22-2008 04:56 PM

You should replace it, the Inducer motor comes in 1 kit, motor, wheel,housing already assembled.

bigMikeB 01-22-2008 04:59 PM

Exactly as stated by HW.

rickvj 01-22-2008 07:35 PM

Thanks for the replies. I had a HVAC guy stop by and he quoted me
$477!!!!!!!!!!!!! to replace the motor - totally rediculous. I'm not sure what the replacement part costs but I'm sure it's not that much.

HvacWiz 01-22-2008 08:36 PM

That price sounds a little high to me also, motor assembly sells for around 150-200 around here, not including labor. But it only takes a short time to install.

bigMikeB 01-22-2008 09:07 PM

The flat rate price is $79.50 diagnostic fee and $450.00 to replace the inducer. Was the price he quoted after you paid for him to come out ?

rickvj 01-22-2008 10:45 PM

I know..... it will probably won't take me more than 20 minutes to install. And the $68 I paid for him to come out would go toward the $477 but I am not going to pay $250 for 20-30 minutes worth of labor. I'll buy the parts and do it my self. The places around here, if they will sell you the parts at all, won't warranty them if you aren't certified but I'm not worried about it. I'm a Manufacturing Engineer and I'm repairing or designing electromechanical equipment every day all day long. I've caught a few techs trying to buffalo me before and shut them down when I started talking their lingo but I still need the advice pointing me in the right direction and thus the reason I'm here.

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