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SeanWhite 07-30-2008 09:55 PM

Carrier Infinity HeatPump code 46
I have a 5 ton Infinity Heat pump that keeps generating a Brownout Fault. We have had the on and off since we got the unit 1 Ĺ yrs ago. That summer we had to replace the control board. The Voltage Monitoring Ckt lost a couple of resistors. We had a tech come out and we got the answer well it was working when he got their and then we got the Bill. Later that week I hooked up a power monitoring meter to our house to make sure we were not getting Dirty power and found out that our power was a little high. Later that week the problem got worse and the board fried. They sent out a new board and everything worked fine for a while. Didnít notice the problem again until winter when we notice our gas bill was higher then it should have been. The unit was working on backup heat. At this time I started checking every connection that may be related to the high voltage. I could not find any thing that remotely looked or felt loose. This problem is becoming an issue again due to pregnant wife and babies not liking the wide temp changes in the house

Any help would be appreciated.

SeanWhite 07-31-2008 07:48 PM

Update looking at the maintenance page for the heat pump the voltage indication is ranging from 80v all the way up to 300. Is it possible I have a capacitor going bad causing the voltage at the Unit to be going all over the place? After replaceing the last card I installed a breaker panel surge protector to try and protect it from voltsge spikes.

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