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ruudman 09-14-2007 10:08 PM

Carrier Furnaces
I am a HVAC service tech and am wondering if there are any Carrier servicemen out there who can tell me why Carrier/Bryant make their equipment so hard to work on. I don't mean complicated (although they are made more complicated then they need to be) I mean why do they stuff simple parts in spots where they bring out cuss words when you try to work on them. Parts as common place as a carbide ignitor are often buried behind many other parts. In my experience, simplicity and ease of service make a better product. There aren't many products worse than Carrier/Bryant. Comments?

rjordan392 09-14-2007 10:57 PM

I am not a hvac man but I was looking over my two old Bryant equipment and yes the furnace does appear complicated but thats progress in the name of the cheapest dollar. But the complications can double up if the certified (by Bryant) installer does not know how to troubleshoot the solid state circuitry.
This knowledge and equipment to test the circuitry is needed in todays furnace controls and thermostats. In my particular situation, the thermostats commands are not being followed and relayed to the AC compressor. I believe the companys that manufacturer/distribute AC/Heating equipment should make sure all their dealers stay on top of the new technology thats built into these units by providing troubleshooting manuals for these high end models that have many menu choices on the thermostats and in the furnace controls.
Just following instructions on the install booklets, no matter how well the install goes, does not make a good dealer/installer. He must be provided with the tools to go beyond the AC/Heating education that he possess's and have a good working knowledge of solid state circuitry. My installing dealer technicians would not even go near the electronic controls and now the field manager for Bryant and the dealer are coming back to troubleshoot the system beyond putting gages on the compressor lines.

So your complaint is a valid one, but as a consumer, I believe things are going to get worse for us because many out there are good installers but lacking in good troubleshooting knowledge. As these new systems replace the older models, there going to be a need for continueing education not only in AC technology but also in the solid state circuitry built into these units.

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