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Gunther 12-08-2010 09:58 AM

Carrier furnace intermitant problem
Have a Carrier furnace model 58CVA/CVX. The other night I noticed it was trying to start but failing. It would go through the startup process and get to the fire and the entire system would reset. It appeared all power would go away and the green and yellow leds would flash. After about 30 seconds the system would reset and start the process over again. Eventually it would start. I also normally have the run on run during the evening time and have noticed it does this same thing in just starting the fan.

So far the system is maintaining adequate heat. Only once has it dipped to 67 degrees with the set point at 69.

Had a Carrier guy out yesterday and the system would not give a fault constant enough that he was willing to start replacing parts. He tightened some wires down and of course he could not get it to fail while he was there. While he was there he had about 5 different fault codes that the system had given him. Nothing consistant. His thoughts were to replace the transformer or the control board.

If anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated.

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