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Chris Butler 10-12-2008 05:20 PM

Carrier fails fall startup
As sure as the change of leaves each autumn, I can count on my wife to add "change the furnace filters" to the Do List, the honey being long gone.

I tossed the old filter which had been installed less than a year ago. I pull the registers and clean pretty well and as I do this every year. With the new filter in place, I turned on the thermostat to the intermittent clicking noise that sounded like the brushing of a screwdriver against the spokes of a spinning bicycle wheel. Of course, there was no heat.

I tried to reset the pilot and for a moment I was fooled into thinking I might see the second half of the Oakland game, a flame was visible but the furnace never fired up and within a couple of minutes the small flame is lost. All the time the blower continued to work.

The unit cover has the Day&Night branding. I can find almost no info on this company other than Carrier may have made units sold under the Day&Night label. When I searched the model number, I also get a unit under the Payton brand.

The model number is 376BAW024055.

The valve is a White-Rogers 36e, according to the unit’s front panel and that is where I believe the clicking noise is originating.

So, I toss the question to all the DIYers….What do I do next? And in what order do I replace parts? …test parts.

It wasn’t a disappointment to miss the Raiders get owned by the Saints but I have tickets to next week's Jets game and would like to scratch this task off the list.

Thanks -Chris

HvacWiz 10-12-2008 07:15 PM

Does this unit have the pilot burner with 3 wires to it ? If so that is what is causing the clicking noise as the contacts are not making good connection. Have the pilot burner replaced and all should be fine.

Chris Butler 10-13-2008 02:31 PM

Thanks for the reply.. yes, the pilot burner has 3 wires and the connections, as far as I can see are fine. Would you still be inclined to replace the burner even if the clicking is coming from the valve? When the valve or pilot burner is replaced is the entire unit changed out? or just a component part?


HvacWiz 10-13-2008 04:34 PM

Yes, just change the entire pilot burner, It unscrews from the pilot tubing. Without being able to troubleshoot your funace I am not 100% sure this is your problem. But from what you are describing It sure sounds like this is the place to start and these are the most common faulty part on this type of ignition systems. I've changed over 100 of these over the years because of problems you desribe.

hvaclover 10-14-2008 04:52 PM

I would ask first what type of filter are you using that you change once a year? The ease with which you describe it does not sound like it is a media filter. If you are using a standard one inch filer you are changing them too infrequently.

Secondly there could be a problem with the pick and hold coil that is dropping out the pilot assembly. It is from here the voltage is supplied to the pilot assembly. Mistaking one for the other is not an uncommon mistake.

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