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cap33905 04-21-2013 06:54 PM

Carrier Air Handler concerns
I have a Carrier 5 ton Puron central air system with a 5 ton air handler that are both 11 years old. I noticed last week that the blower in the air handler has been acting up. I have a variable speed motor that was replaced last year along with the control panel and thermastat(last of the warrenty). Under normal conditions when cold air is called for the blower starts out slowly and after about 20-30 seconds it gets up to top speed, and when it shut down it does the opposite, going from top speed down to slow. Last week I noticed that maybe two or three times durning the day when the cooling cycle ends, the blower just shuts off, it does not gradually wind down. Also I noticed that usually around lunch time, the blower will turn on as usual, but after about 15 seconds it will just kick off, but the compressor outside is still running. After about 35 to 45 seconds the blower will come back on and run normally. I called the HVAC company and the technican came out but could see nothing wrong, of course it worked fine while he was here. He said he has never heard of such a thing happening, and wants to just replace the blower to a single speed motor ($450). I don't want to replace the motor if that is not the problem, then the question arises "Is it time for a new unit?" Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of anything similiar? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

beenthere 04-21-2013 08:21 PM

Its not the motor. Its the control board.

REP 04-22-2013 01:32 AM

If the unit was sized correctly and maintained over the last 11 years,it should be good for another 9-10 years.

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