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Carrier 58SXC080GG is Intermittant

Periodically, this gas furnace does not respond to the thermostat's call for heat. Cycling the thermostat or the power to the furnace brings it back to life -- at least temporarily. Tested the termostat and it's appears to be functioning OK.

This unit was installed in 1993 and is a series 100.

I believe the replacement control board for this unit is the CIB011057 but before I spend $250, I'd like to make sure that's what's wrong.

How can I determine what needs to be fixed?

Thanks for your help.



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Turn the stat into the off position. Up in the furnace and with the door switch taped shut (upon first removing the doors of the furnace and then taping the door switch down the unit's blower will run for 90 seconds. happens on all Carriers) you jump the W terminal to the R terminal. This should bring on the heat. First the inducer motor for exhaust will run, then the ignitor will glow, then the gas valve will open and the blower will finally run after about 30 seconds to a minute after the flames come on.

Continually remove and reconnect the wire you're using to jump R to W and see if the furnace runs each time. Give the unit a few seconds inbetween re-connecting. If it does run each and every time, change your stat.

If the inducer doesn't come on or any ohter part of the ignition sequence fails then there is an led flashing code on the board, find out what that the flashing code is. There's a legend on the inside of the furnace doors explaining what the flash code stands for.

You can actually look for the flashing code through the little window on the furnace door before doing any diagnosing. Just look and see what it's flashing when you turn the stat to heat and nothing happens. It should be flashing some thing. Then you remove the doors and find the legend.

Let us know.


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Excellent -- just the info I needed. I'll let you how the test turns out.
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Here's a brief update

When I took the front covers off the furnace last night I discovered that the condensate drainage system was plugged. Water was dripping through the draft inducer flange, down into the lower compartment and had accumulated at the bottom of the unit below the blower motor (not in it). The water made its way to the lower compartment through the cutout for the electrical connector to the control board -- the water ran behind the control board to the lower level. The control board wasn't wet but the connector sure was.

So, long story short -- never did run the self test. Instead, ended up pulling the draft inducer fan. Discovered a blockage in the "drain" hole in the bottom of a plastic collector-type box (a black plastic box-type-thingy that sits above and to the right of the draft inducer fan). The condensate is apparently supposed to be routed from that box down into the lower compartment via a plastic drain line. Cleared the obstruction in the box and sopped up the water that had accumulated behind and below the inducer fan (as well as the water below the blower). Dried it all out and reassembled.

Ran the furnace for the rest of the night (it ran just fine) and a quick inspection in the morning revealed that the condensate system appeared to be working as intended.

We'll see how it all looks after work tonight. If it looks OK, I may run the seft test tonight.

Will provide a progress report as things progress.
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