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dank1j 08-01-2010 04:26 PM

carrier 58gs problems after icm271 replacement
I have an old carrier 58gs075-3.
After months without use the A/C was turned on.
The unit appeared to function normally and cool the house,
but the internal fan (air handler?) stayed on after the compressor
shut off. Had to unplug unit to get it to turn off.

Research showed that the CFR (fan relay) was probably stuck,
so I replaced the control board with the icm271. All seemed to
work fine for a few minutes. Plug in unit and no fan. Turn on
thermostat and fan turned on and compressor kicked on and
air came out. goody problem seemed to be solved.

Then a click of somekind and the compressor turned off and
the int. fan kept going, but no cool air and no compressor to
cool. Worse than when I started.

Tests done:
limit switch is closed
fuseable link is closed
fuse on icm271 is closed

Any other tests I can perform to see if it is the transformer now
or is the outside fan/compressor failing now?

thanks for any help

dank1j 08-01-2010 05:28 PM

tested voltage across R and C -- nothing?
across sec-1 and sec2 I get 30 VAC which is high

gonna test that fuse again to see if that might be gone
Anything else to test?
Should I get a new transformer if 30VAC is too high?

thanks again.

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