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capacitor blew again!!

I have a TRANE XE1200 4Ton compressor unit. About 4 weeks ago I changed the capacitor. The unit didn't work and the capacitor was swollen. ALL WAS GOOD! Until today when the unit was not blowing cold. I checked and the common wire to the capacitor was burnt and disconnected on the capacitor side, and the common terminals on the capacitor was melted.

A few questions:
The original capacitor was installed horizontal (terminals as 3 o'clock). The new capacitor was fatter (same specs) I could not use the retention band to hold it horizontal so I left it on a diagonal (Terminals at 2 o'clock). (I found it in the same position I had left it.) Does the physical positioning of the capacitor matter, being that it is oil filled?

Also, Now what? I can change the capacitor again, I would only get an original part this time, [first replacement made in China] but I'm afraid it might be something more. Could it be the relay which feeds the capacitor? Its the only other part behind that panel.

Lastly, does anyone know what gauge wire to use to replace the burnt one?

Any help is appreciated.


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That sounds more like poor connections than a fault capacitor. I'd still replace the cap, but be sure that all wiring is tight this time. My local Trane parts house has a big display of American made caps (not sure of the manufacturer, not AmRad but another) - you might try to find some of those, or order one online.

The position of the cap is not important. Some older Rheem units had caps mounted with the terminals pointing down, and many units have them horizontal.

The wire size used should be the same as the original wire size.


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the cap connection shpuld be tight to a point you need a needle nose to remove them.thatis the line voltage passing thru them..melted wires signals loose wires..check the compressor termnials also.slip stakons or screwed down eyelets,the contactor wire connections/is the contactor pitted black should be clean points then right back into the disconnnect out there.... on the bottom and top(shut breaker inside before tightening)then even the breaker within the house..where the condenser lines connect... http://bestbuyheatingandaircondition...capacitors.htm
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Check your refrigerant level after you replace the capacitor.
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As stated you spade terminal was loose and burnt the connection.
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I concure......:thumbs up:
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Originally Posted by jfrotten View Post
Check your refrigerant level after you replace the capacitor.


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burnt wire , capacitor

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