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Dusty 09-27-2006 06:47 AM

Can I use duct tape?
Okay, I am supposing this is a silly question but I am going to ask anyway. If I am taping ducts do I use duct tape (as in Red Green, grey tape)? Somewhere in my head is the nagging thought that I am not supposed to but I don't know why. Also I have a whole Costco sized pack of duct tape so I would like to use it if I can.

Part B of this is that I live in a 76 yr old house (bought in May '06) with a new furnace, but older duct work. When they installed my cable they came through the floor vent and a bunch of duct work fell. So I need to hook it up again as winter is closing in on us. Because that one duct fell so easily (held with what seems to be now brittle masking tape and some fine wire which is also brittle attached to the joist). I wonder if I shouldn't just retape and rewire the rest while I am at it. If I do, can I pull the pieces down and clean them or is that asking for trouble when it comes to putting them back together?

Part C is where ever there is cable for TV, the wire is coming up through the warm air vent opening. This means all the covers won't go back on flat at all. What are my options? I have thought of drilling holes right through the floors closer to the TVs (unfinished basement, hardwood floors) or can I drill through the metal floor venting and string the cable through it and the cover?

KUIPORNG 09-27-2006 08:44 AM

I know this one... the answer is NO... you need to use those shinely alluminium tape... they are 10 times more sticky then duct tape and they are for ducts because I think they are metal in nature and can stand heat,smoke,oil...abuse ... where duct tape will peel off easily...

I agree... why they name it duct tape then?

for cable fishing... the best is drill through between wall and fish in after opening up on the dry wall.. as you have unfinished basement... that shouldn't be too hard... unless you are talking about second floor.

jamesdart 09-27-2006 08:28 PM

im messing around in my 80+ year old house that i replaced the furnace last year, but still has the old ducts. right now im fixing a lot of air leaks, un needed vents, replacing rusty ducts.... while im at it, i have pulled th emain duct down in the area im working in and took it outside, weashed it with a strong degreaser. th estuff that is in those ducts is just amazing.

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