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lwendt 12-12-2010 01:26 PM

Can I heat beneath my floor?
We plan to install ceramic or porcelin flooring in our kitchen farmhouse. We are limited by the thickness of the cement board and tile due to the height of the floors of the neighboring rooms and doors. That rules out electric pads sandwiched between the board and the tiles (not to mention the cost of the same).
Could I install pex tubing in the basement under the Kitchen floor and install metal mounting trays to reflect the heat up thru the floor. I have forced air gas heat throughout the home but am considering using the hot water out of my gas water heater. Sounds like a stretch, but it seems feasible in my own mind.
Where can I look for the reflective heat tube trays and hot water pump?

SKIP4661 12-12-2010 01:57 PM

This site may help.:thumbsup:

Daniel Holzman 12-12-2010 02:00 PM

If you think that electric floor mats are too expensive, I believe you are going to find that PEX water heat in your circumstance is even higher. First, you don't have a boiler, only a hot water heater, so you are going to need a lot of plumbing to make it work. Even then, your hot water heater may not be able to deliver an adequate amount of hot water to run the floor system and deliver hot water to your house.

If you want to pursue it, check out the Wirsbo (Uponor) web site, they have extensive discussion about methods for installing PEX hot water heat, reflectors etc.

Just a point though, electric mats can be as thin as 1/8 inch, it is hard to visualize why that would create an insurmountable problem in terms of floor elevation.

lwendt 12-13-2010 06:00 AM

I don't have a very large area to heat. There is a large island in the kitchen and with cabinets, the floor area is not very large.

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