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bgd73 06-27-2007 08:34 PM

A/c unit question
I bought a rather large unit in 2004. Living in maine hasn't given it much use. It is a strong panasonic with the unit being removable from its container (option: build it into wall) and the line for the thickness of wall maximum is 10 inches (concrete and studded I am assuming).
Anyway, there is a built in drain pan, by oem it does not drain. the fan has an extension perfectly circular that grabs the water and throws it on the condensor cooler (back end fins). there is an option to let it drain, and I tried it so I do not hear water thrashing when it starts and stops.I got second thoughts.. electrically the aluminum loves the water thrashing through it (I strangely think it cleans the whole darn circuit it is plugged into)

My simple question is: what is the best way? drain or no drain...
Drain leaves a long shaft with extension turning on its own without help of "floating" in the water, but it uses more power to run because of the water...
I am guessing at this point it is necessary to keep the water thrashing and self cleaning the back fins, and also to float the wheel at the end of the fan.
Any pro advice?

dmaceld 07-04-2007 12:09 AM

Just what kind of a unit, exactly, are you talking about?

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