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A/C slow to cool house

Hi all...not sure if I should be concerned or if I am just an impatient person. I live in a 3-year old, 3-story townhouse (2400 sq. ft.). A/C hasn't been on for awhile, but I turned it on around 5pm. Outdoor temp. at the time was around 86 and the thermostat inside read 74. Windows in the house were shut, but had been open for the past several days with temps in the 70s. I set the thermostat to 70. The unit has run non-stop and 6 hours later it is only 72. The filter was replaced about 8 weeks ago. Checked it anyway and it is clean. Outside unit looks clear and clean and from what I can see there are no leaks. Copper pipes inside and out are cold to touch. Air coming out of the vents is cold and seems to be flowing normally. I checked the temperature of the air coming from the vents (using a meat thermometer...I'm sure not very accurate for something like this) and it read 55 degrees. My thought is it's taking too long to cool it down to 70. Am I wrong? Maybe this is normal considering the unit hasn't run in some time and it needs to cool three levels?? I'm trying to think back to last summer and if this happened, but can't remember. Maybe it did and I didn't pay any attention. Any ideas,advice, etc. is appreciated. Thanks.


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Dampers may not be opening.


When posting in certain forums, knowing your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions.
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well,,, lets see if we can get some info....

first off, where are you????

second, what size ac unit do you have

what type is it (package, split, heatpump, ac/furnace combo???)

what type of filter do you use.

have you had the outside condenser and inside evap cleaned??

Are all you supply vents "wide open" or are they adjusted closed in any rooms.

so while your getting all that info together, there are a couple of things you can check

first is called Delta t. Delta t is the change in temperature as the air passes over the coils, both on the evap (inside) and condensor (outside). with a good stick type thermometer (you can find them at home depot). check the air temp at your return (where the filter is) write that number down. Then find the supply (where the cold air comes out) and measure that temp. now subract the supply number from the return number. AS A RULE OF THUMB ONLY, you should have 20 degrees difference.

return temp 80
supply temp 60
delta t =20

this is a rule of thumb only.

I would also do the same test again, but this time with the filter removed from the return. post the results.
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When is the last time you cleaned your evaporator coil? 8 weeks is a long time on a filter in my house.
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