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Brian211978 08-23-2012 02:07 PM

A/C not cooling after rain last night..
I've had my air conditioner set to 76 just after I moved into this apartment 4 months ago. It has always worked fine, cooled just fine. But now all the sudden last night, it stops cooling. It's never stopped working, but conveniently after a rainstorm, it stops cooling. I've asked some neighbors if they've been having problems, and have all said their apartment is cooling just fine. But for some reason mine isn't. The thermostat is sitting between 83-84, even though it set on that 76! And it's been hot in here ever since. What could be the problem?


Done That 08-23-2012 02:17 PM

A lot of things could be up. Is the indoor unit running...circulator fan blowing air? Is the outdoor unit running....condenser fan spinning, sound like compressor is running?

Maybe something simple like power blip from the rain you had. Power everthing down indoor and out at the breaker panel, wait a few seconds, then power back up. Then wait a few minutes as you may have a time delay before restart.

I think that if you try to provide a bit more info about what exactly is going on there you might be able to get some help.

Marty S. 08-23-2012 03:45 PM

Best to call the landlord when you rent . DIY if fine for home owners but the last thing you want is a landlord ticked at you because you messed with their high dollar equipment. Doesn't hurt to check breakers but I would advise to stop there.

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