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joe_2663 07-06-2008 03:15 AM

a/c flow low out of vents long run time
the filters are the easy flow spun glass and new.....can feel cool air but no wind at 5 ft away from vents...blower motor sounds OK.....seems to run along time before kicking off....any ideas.....It' a york a/c /coleman furnance 1950/60 split unit was serviced in bubbles in site glass....any ideas?:(

8 Ball 07-06-2008 08:18 AM

Ok, what the heck!! Your retired, its 4:15 in the morning, its a holiday weekend, dont feel like buying anything on line, one more Audie Murphy movie and you will throw up, hmmmm... Im gonna feel up my 50 year old central air system.

Holy C==P buddy....CONGRATULATIONS !! If the thing still moves any air at all...Its golden!! Talk about getting your moneys worth.

Well... alrighty now... is the evaporator clean, blower blades clean or sheaves on blower/motor worn? Are there holes in the ductwork..FROM 50 YEARS OF AIRFLOW THRU IT, is the return made out of wood? No bubbles in the sight glass!! OMG. speechless.

Personaly, when I retire, its 4:15 in the morning, Im gonna find sumpin better to feel up than my central AC system!!

HvacWiz 07-06-2008 12:00 PM


geo fan 07-06-2008 05:17 PM


joe_2663 07-07-2008 10:24 PM

Getting a little personal there 8 Ball, but let me help you ,since your info did confirm my suspicions....It was only 1:15A here...I have NO holiday weekends or vacations. You see I'm retired and can celebrate/come and go as I please...if a holiday weekend comes around, I can go before or after you workin' stiffs are done clogging the freeways, campgrounds, lakes etc.
The sheaves thing did throw me..last I heard that was up in WI Grampa used it explaining a block and tackle to me about 40 or more years ago....we call 'em pulleys out's a direct drive blower fan.....the blower is clean....the duct work is "normal" no major leaks, the return is fine...metal lined wooden box.. floor intake.....,but with 23 degree temp differential...maybe no problem..?
I'm told by the owner (I'm just watching the house) the a/c is serviced annually(33 years shes been in it))....and only used 6-8 weeks out of the year, she uses evap the rest of the time...didn't put my gauges on it, it was 112 f and in the sun ,then a storm blew in...
When are you going to retire? 30 years in HVAC and still working at it....poor financial planning or a late life divorce?.... on line at 6:40am WOW, as I recall the Sun is up than,isn't it?
THANKS!! again ...when the attics cooled down ,sometime after midnight,( I don't need to get up in the morning ) I'll get up and check the evap it's been 8-10 years (with cats and dogs running in and out)since it was cleaned ....any good way to do it? I'm thinking drag a nitrogen or co2 tank up there.... by the way the "feeling up" thing you mentioned, lots of stay at home partners need help much time and so much/many to do...
any advice from an old timer is always appreciated.I'm lucky there's guys like you that take the time to do this

geo fan 07-08-2008 05:23 PM

First off
Do you still have a ductulator . Is this even a problem . When the system was designed( probably with an abacus) where 2 many grill put in. If you where a tech. then you must remember geting those calls where the cust has a little to much knowlege and way to much time. This is the impression given , If you suspect a problem facts are helpful wet bulb dry bulb indoor and out, super heat temp split ( you gave that but diagnosticly useless by itself) And most importantly is this new or just newly noticed. and If you realy want answers actual rla of fan motor and duct sizes and actual cfm I know you wont have one of those new fangled volometer but the old glass tubes with red dye will do

8 Ball 07-10-2008 08:25 PM

Hey Joe, getting a little personal, arent you? Yes to both, late life divorce and poor planning. Who knew about the cost of health care and ins..

Thank you for your sense of humor, and really glad I didnt offend you. You gotta admit, it isnt often I see anything my age working as well as your system. I had "beer out the nose" when I read the return was wood.

Your grandfather also, probably explained, as mine did, that an air handler has sheaves, a block and tackle has pulleys.

All that aside, how did you make out after you cleaned the coil?

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