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A/C Dillema

Ok, well as a few might know I recently had issues with a 3Ton a/c unit on my house. Long story short, because of a warranty delay, I wasn't willing to wait on, I now have what equates to a spare 3 ton consdenser.

The spare is a 5yr old Trane XR14, but it will have a brand new compressor.

The delima is, I don't currently have central heat/air on the 2nd floor of my 1915 Bungalow. I'm relying on a window unit for cool and a baseboard and portable units for heat. What I'm curious about is, is there any way this 3ton could be made to work, realizing I'd have to buy a furnace and coil, or is that just way too much?

The 2nd floor is basically 3 rooms, an office, bedroom and large bathroom. Those rooms equal about 600-700sqft of space total, but I am also slowly working on converting a walk-in-attic space into a 'finished' closet/storage area, it is also where I would install the furnace/coil. This attic space would add approximately another 500-600 sq ft of space.

I'm told a 1-1/2 to 2 ton unit would probably be ideal for the 2nd floor, but I don't have one of those laying around!! Part of the reason I question this is that it seems in these older houses, they like to put the bigger unit on the 2nd floor, since gravity tends to take over.

In any case, just kind of curious on thoughts.... If it is way too big, what would this thing be worth?



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I did have a 3 ton unit running my whole house. Needless to say it is two storys and it was not the best approach. My neighbor stated he had the same issue and had the problem corrected years ago with a second unit. I purchased a 2 ton rheem unit from acwholesalers condenser and air handler. I then blocked the ducts off that went from the attic to the crawl. I installed the new unit in the crawl space and completed all the duct work. Now I have the old 3 ton unit doing the second floor. This is a little bit oversized. A 1.5 ton would work but I was considering another 2 ton for those hot days.

Long story short, if you get another air handler, line set, thermostat, and install the ductwork I dont see why it wouldnt work. I would just set the stat to a higher swing so it doesnt short cycle. Your electric bill might be higher but if between your first and second floor now is not insulated it might lower it too.

I can tell you that my house is much much more comfortable now. Unless the temp outside is in the 100s like last week both units do not seem to run a lot. However, when my 3 ton did the whole house the thing ran almost nonstop in the high 80s.


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Don't even try it you will be wasting $$$$ it's way to big.
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