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forJAT 12-15-2011 01:18 PM

Buying a used AC system Carrier model 38BRc036330 (R-22)
My Carrier model 38BRc036330 (R-22) is going out (actually quit on me on Dec 3rd). The condenser unit starting making a loud noise you could hear 3 houses away and the air coming through the vents were not cold and the refrigerant lines were not cold. I replaced the 50/7.5 uf 370v capacitor with a 50/7.5 uf 440v capacitor with no change. The old capacitor was bad per the supply store fan side hitting 7.3 MAF and the compressor side not registering. I was able to pull readings of 43uf (avg). It was recommended to buy a hard start kit.

here is my original posting on my AC

So long story short I am not in a position to buy a new system. I have an HVAC tech coming out today to trouble shoot my system. I was able to find an exact condenser/evap coil unit to what I currently have. My system is 8 years old 2003 and his system is 9 yrs old 2002. He is upgrading his 3 ton/r22 unit to a 4 ton/R410a to cool his 1960sq foot upper floor. Per the individual the system is running and wiling to sell it for $500 or $400 - the furnace.

My concern is that the model sucks for lack of a better word. Other sites has laughed at the Carrier 38BRc036330 (Millennium compressor) saying that I have been on borrowed time for a long time. The HVAC tech coming out said that he has seen approx 7 years on the same unit in other homes. So I am reaching out for yet another opinion on my unit. I am okay with the new "used" unit only lasting a couple of years. By then I will be back on my feet and able to replace the system. I am just not financially in a position to replace my system with a new one right now.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Marty S. 12-15-2011 04:50 PM

Why not just stick a new scroll compressor in the thing and have it run another 20 years? Cheaper then a new unit and by the time you pay to have a used condensing unit installed it will be as much or more then just a compressor.

forJAT 12-16-2011 10:50 AM

Okay the HVAC tech/co owner just left ... Said that I have a leak in my condenser somewhere he could not find it because it was too cold could only get 59 psi into the system he said that he thinks it is in a coil in the condenser but that the compressor is shot. He also went into the attic and said that my drain was plugged up and that it was the most mold and mildew he has seen on the attic coils. He recommended a complete new system plus plune (??? ducts) for 4.7- 9 Thousand (Trane/American Standard respectively) and only if I purchased/installed this month (Dec 2011) He said if I wanted to cheap out he could replace just the condenser unit but that he would not clean coils over 7 years old. I think he said that he could attempt to spray sanitize the plune (??? ducts)? I think he mentioned that the plune (??? ducts) were porous so it does not work out well. Kinda bummed here.

Any recommendations on getting this system up and running with out mold and and mildew. Would replacing the outside condenser unit and attempting to clean the A coils suffice? -- There has to be a way to sufficiently clean mold and mildew off the A coils. I can't believe you can't (Note he did not say he could not but that he would not due to coils over 7 years)

The used unit from what I have been told is currently in use in a home and working he said that the HVAC tech will attempt to retain as much of the R22 in the unit before crimping it. Hopefully by crimping it will hold the charge in. Maybe the system failure was due tot he mold and mildew on the A Coils?

Kinda bummed needing to put on my thinking cap here Austin springs/summers are too hot to go without an AC

The sevice order/invoice states the following:
Diagnosed freon leak in condenser

System was empty

Recommend replacing system

Master of Cold 12-17-2011 09:52 AM

Recommend getting a new tech to find the leak. And maybe clean the evap coil.

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