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cappy11078 01-13-2009 05:42 PM

Burners won't turn off. Please help.
Hi everyone. I have a Utica 150AGB gas hot-water boiler with cast iron baseboard. I am wondering if my aquastat needs to be replaced. When the thermostat calls, the burners and circ. pump kick on, like normal. However, when the water reaches the set temp (180 degrees), the burners won't kick off. I have read the water temp to be as hot as 215 degrees, with the burners still on. The only time the burners turn off is when the thermostat turns off. One other thing I noticed, right after a complete cycle, I raised the room temp. 2 degrees so the system kicks back on and only the circ. pump will turn on. This is a weird problem I'm not sure of.
Thanks for any help,

biggles 01-13-2009 06:55 PM

your cycle from the stat sounds good ,but your boiler setting is toooooooo :eek:high from that dial setting #,and the thermometer need to set the water temperature so you can maintain 68F-75F in the house and nothing back it down to 160F(on the dial)to get 180F on the temp guage even latter 150F to see how that reads.this will cut down on the cycles and your wallet.....the cycle on your boiler goes....stat calls .......circ/burner come on.......running:) heating the house.the stat starts to get to its setpoint and in turn the water starts to return to the boiler warmer and this is what shuts the burner off with the circ still running(stat is still calling for heat)but the boiler is maintaining your dialed setpoint and satisfying.the wholw show always comes on when it frist starts because the cooler water sitting in the perimeter baseboard/radiators during the off cycle and a cold night returns to the boiler when the stat calls it with that the dialed limiter in/on the boiler sees the cooler water entering and calls the burner on to get it back to that 150F.....160F.....170F to shut of the main burner.if you can monkey with that limiter and get it to a setting where you can maintain the house and the stat setpoint your saving money........215F is boiling water(212F water boils) as in making tea there :whistling2:you only need to heat it.NOTE.....the thermometer and that temp.control setting device are not designed to be "right on" they are very generic parts the manufact.put on themif you have a digital stat with a wake/leave/return/sleep settings you can realy save movin those times and temps around to keep those cycles down...good luck

beenthere 01-13-2009 07:31 PM

Might also be, that the temp guage is not accurate.

cappy11078 01-13-2009 08:32 PM

ok guy. thanks. The boiler has a Honeywell L8148E stat. The lowest the temp can go i believe is 180 degrees, but i'll check. There isn't a low limit so the only time the boiler kicks on is when the thermostat kicks on. But I will double check everything.

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