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reojim 12-12-2008 05:43 PM

Bryant won't shut off
I've an OLD Bryant 397EAW048125. I've had to replace the gas control module and the fan relay. Now, my 997E vent damper switch is intermittant. Well, I've hooked up a temporary switch so the damper'll start the furnace... but I'd like to just disable the damper... leave it open. It has a 4 wire PCB edge connector that attaches to the power distrubution/relay board. The gas control module has a plug for a damper but a bypass plug is attached. The bryant damper attaches to the relay board.

Secondly, the blasted thing won't shut off unless I flip the service switch. Then the gas stops and the damper closes. I'm not able to make any sense out of the schematic on the furnace door... When the thermostat says "it's hot enough", which comes first, the damper closes... shutting off the gas valve or vice versa?

Third, CARRIERMAN published the thermostat wiring nomenclature. The wiring seems to be OK at the thermo... but at the furnace, I'm confused. From top to bottom, silkscreened on the board, is W1, G, W2, R, Y, C, C, H, HHS HS. My thermo is connected ... W to W1, G to G, R to R, and Y to Y. What is the difference between w1 and w2?

Thanks a ton.


NYCtinman 12-12-2008 10:36 PM

W1/ W2 = 1st & 2nd stage of heat
Gas valve shuts off first
Disconnect the damper at the board (check for a jumper/bypass plug)

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