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labrat 10-11-2009 11:08 AM

Bryant Gas furnace 383KAV - No heat
I have a Bryant Gas induced furnace 383KAV048111AGJA. So a couple of days back, my furnace stopped providing any heat. So, I called one of these heating repair companies and the serviceman came, checked all connections and found that the igniter was not glowing to light the gas. So he replaced the igniter (not with exactly the same igniter as I had before) and it worked once after replacing. However, it went out soon while I was writing a check ($205) to him. So he checked again - saw that the igniter did not glow and said it could be a circuit board problem and needs to be replaced. He quoted another $378(parts) and $44 to replace the board.
I am not sure whether this guy knows what he is doing. So I have decided to do it myself. I googled the board part number: HK42FZ011 which is available for as low as $123. I do not know where the pilot light should be and how to test the flame. Can someone please tell me about any ideas on checking on those?

Plumber101 10-11-2009 11:46 AM

The ignitor is in front of the first flame tube and easy to find.

To find follow the gas lin into the gas valve and then to the burners when you get to the first burner you should see the ignitor. It has two white wires going to it. Follow the two white wires off the ignitor to a connector and unplug the connector.

This is where you need a DVOM

First the two wires off the ignitor take the DVOM and measure resistance in ohms

If you get OL on the meter then the HSI is bad if you get a reading then it is good may look like this but they all look different but the same

Second, the two wires coming from the control board connect the DVOM there and set to AC volts. Then jump R/W and measure the voltage. Should be around 120 vAC. This might take a couple minutes

If you have no voltage then the board is bad if you do get voltage then the HSI is bad

labrat 10-11-2009 11:11 PM

I performed test step as indicated in the manual by removing the thermostat wire and igniter wored fine and the gas fired. It is strange but the furnace started working fine from them on. Any explanations?

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