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tp618 12-16-2008 11:35 PM

Brand new PAYNE PG9MAB won't start . Error code 12
Hi all !

I got a brand new PAYNE PG9MAB. I install it myself in me new house. Since I build the house by myself, I figured this would not a difficult job. I 've done that before with different heater. Boy ! I run into so many problems with unit.
First, the unit won't start. The LED show error code #31. the unit will not ignite. I used standard 2'' pipe with 3 90degree bend.According to the literature this should be more than OK. After quite sometime to troubleshoot, I replace with 3 '' pipe exhaust . The unit now start,but will shut down after 120 sec. The unit start sequence as show below:

- Turn on the switch and the thermostat, manual increase the temp setting.
- After 30 sec the combustion motor turn on
- Another 90 sec the ignition turn on. The flame start
- another 90 sec the flame turn off and the blower start
- after about 2 min the blower stop. The LED show code #12 .After several time the LED back to solid red.

The temperature still way below the setting. It won't start again until turn off the power switch and turn on again.

Even though this unit is under warranty, the manufacture won't accept that since I don't have the HVAC license. The distributor will not even sell me a new control board.

Error description for error #12:
BLOWER ON AFTER POWER UP(115VAC or 24 VAC) Blower run for 90 sec, if unit is powered up during a call for heat (R-W closed) for R-W opens during power on delay.

Any ideas what 's wrong with this unit. This will be the last time I used PAYNE. If it was easy to rip it off and replace with another one I would do it.

Thank in advance.

beenthere 12-17-2008 06:35 AM

Loose low voltage wire.
Blower door panel not on tight.
Line voltage connections not tight.
Bad, or improper working thermostat.

Check those things.

ridgevilleac 12-19-2008 08:51 PM

Would not start with 2" vent but starts and runs with 3" vent.:whistling2: Only runs a short time and shuts down again.:whistling2: Run a 6" vent to eliminate the possibility of a high limit or oxygen depleation sensor shutting it down. Or it may be time to call in a pro. A furnace is not somthing to play around with. It can make you go to sleep forever. :thumbsup:

armorservices 12-19-2008 09:21 PM

Check your return you should always cut out the full opening on the side
of the furnace just running pipes into the side is not enough return air
and will cause the furnace to over heat. There should be knockouts
on either side of the furnace.

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