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ryan0320 11-29-2007 05:05 PM

Blower operates continuously
I have a Bryant (Model: 396G036075) Gas Furnace. I recently replaced the thermostat with a Rite Temp (Model: GPMG8035C) 7 day programmable thermostat. The furnace blower runs continuously. The furnace still kicks in and warm air emits from the vents until the house reaches the set temperature. However the fan is still running after the furnance acheves the set temperature. It stops blowing warm air and just blows room temperature air thru the house vents. When I first moved into the house there was a manual thermostat installed. I then replaced the manual with a used Rite Temp thermostat that just died. I then just recently purchased a brand new Rite Temp described above. The old Rite Temp thermostat never had this issue. The thermostat fan is set to auto and even if the thermostat is set to off the blower continously runs. Here is what I've tried to fix it:

1) The air filters were dirty so I replaced them with fresh ones.

Powering Furnance OFF steps: turned off the furnace power switch, flipped the furnace breaker to off, set thermostat to off and fan to auto

Powering Furnace ON steps: flipped furnace breaker to on, turn on furnance power switch with the thermostat set to off and fan to auto.

As soon as I power the furnance up the blower starts running and never stops like its supposed to after the house reaches the set temperature.

Do I need to buy another thermostat or is there something faulty on the furnace?

mrkool 12-02-2007 07:57 PM

Could be, I've had issues with Ritetemp myself, now I only use Honeywell a lot less problems. If you take the green wire, or the wire that you should have put on "G" (fan), off, does the fan stop? If it does, it's the t'stat, if it don't, you have it shorted to the Red wire (R), either in the wall or somewhere else.

ryan0320 12-03-2007 08:31 PM

I disconnect the "G" wire and the Furnace Blower still runs. Any other suggestions or do I need to call a pro?

UBoiler 12-03-2007 10:39 PM

Does any wire ( or its detachment I should say) in your thermostat turn the blower off? You tried the green and nothing happened.
I’d re-read my thermostat installation instructions and re-install. I may even install a new thermostat. My purpose around the thermostat would to make sure it’s not the reason the blower won’t turn off.
Inside the furnace plenum (cavity above the burners in which the air is heated and connects with the air ducts) there should be a fan-and-limit control ( turns the fan on and off and the limit shuts down furnace in case of overheating) . I’d look for this module or similar. I may even pull a part # from it and price it at Apex on web to see if I’d gamble it’s cost on being the remedy. If the module has two wires running to it (one in and one out) then it would seem to be simple sensor that if I safely disconnected one of the leads while the blower was running without the burners running shouldn’t it trip the blower off? I really don’t know the answer but that’s part of the fun of diy, right?
I’m just a city living farm kid. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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