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atvguy64 01-31-2008 11:04 PM

Blower motor wiring help!!
Hi - I hope someone is more knowledgeable than me in reading and understanding wiring diagrams!

I have a EMERSON Motor - Model: K055TFN8713012B for my Coleman furnace. This was a replacement motor as the other one died! The motor techs can be seen here - (you may have to search on their catalog for it) --

My question is that when the motor was connected, I am not sure it was connected properly, as the wire diagram does not match the connections. What I am trying to do is speed up the motor.... There are three different wires for this - Black (hi) , Blue (med), and Red (low). The wiring diagram is here - -

Long story short is that the tech told me I could hook up the black, blue or Red to the Brown wire that comes from the capacitor. This does not appear to work. :wall:

The way it is hooked up now is that the black is actually connected to a wire that goes to the furnace wires (as is the white). The brown is hooked up from the capacitor to the motor. Also connected to the capacitor is a brown w/white stripe wire that goes to the motor. The blue and red are not connected on one end. So my question is, where should the black wire be connected (to the brown wire as the tech said?), and what if I want the Red or blue speed - where do they connect? :confused: The Coleman furnace model is 7710-856 (BTU in 95000/BTU out 72000), SN 048365484.

Thanks for any help!!!!!!:thumbup:

biggles 02-01-2008 06:22 PM

the brown -brown/white are always the capacitor then you can only select 1 color for speed with the solid white being theother side of the motor(total 2 ...power COLOR speed and WHITE wires for the motor) and 2 browns to the capaitor usually mounted on the motor doesn't reach into the furnace control should have a pair of wires coming down into the fan section pick a color for speed and tape off te others LO FOR heat ...and HI for cooling if you have it.if the furnace has both systems they have to go to relays one cooling and the other heating to seperate the speeds during the season...if itis just a furnace go with LO or MED..if yu looking for more air goinhg up.

atvguy64 02-01-2008 08:04 PM

Blower wire help more confused
Thanks for the help...Now I am more confused. :help:My thinking is the faster the motor, the more warm air. But in your post, you say I should go with a lower speed?? Also, I am not getting much air through the all the vents..again..more air=more push??????

biggles 02-02-2008 09:56 AM

heating works with the lower air speed because air takes longer to heat up so you want LO or maybe MED if you have an air problwm is your ductwork insulated on the inside a piece might of fell off tilted across the riser duct going up from the basement...pull the return grill and check it out looking down into the riser..if it is going up to a second floor do the same checkout.most resisdentials systems go for HI speed for cooling(air is easier to cool(PULL THE HEAT OUT OF IT) and with the heating side LO (TAKES LONGER TO HEAT THE AIR)slowest across the heat exchanger.there is no rule other then that on new can go for HI..check your squirrel rounds within the fan section any dirt on them will reduce the air thrown up and thru the unit.try the LO and adjust the registers down to get a more even heat thru-out go 1/2 closed on all of them see how that is then flip to MED on the motor speed..if your return is good thru the return grill it should pull a sheet of paper into the grill work if you dangle it in front of the grill easy.

hoistdoctor 02-04-2008 08:27 PM

The main reason for running the blower slower for heating is that high speed makes the house feel "drafty." High speed for A/C feels much better. The brown wires always go to the capacitor. The brown with white tracer is common with the white wire of the motor. If the capacitor is mounted remote from the motor you can run only the solid brown to the capacitor as long as the other capacitor terminal is hooked to the same terminal as motor white wire. If you do this you should also tape off the brown with white along with the speed wire not used. Confused now???

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