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chemicalphil 02-02-2008 02:22 PM

Blower Motor Removal
I have a Lennox furnace that is sixteen years old. Afew days ago it began to act up intermittently. When the fan tried to kick on, it would hum. I put on a new capacitor but that did not fix it. I could get it to run by either spinning the fan then pushing on the safety switch or by putting the thermostat fan switch to the "on" position. Today, it got worse and worse and finally would not run at all. I went and bought a new motor and have the fan assembly removed but cannot get the motor to pull off. I have treated it with penetrating oil but there is not really a way to get any leverage.

Please tell me how to get this thing apart.

biggles 02-02-2008 06:31 PM

i thinking that the motor is inside the squirrel cage and mounts with 3 screwss to the DEAD side of the fan section..with the motor still screwed down on the fan section remove the lock down screw on the open side that holds it down to the shaft.if the shaft has a flat on it put a small adjustable on it and turn the squirrel cage back and forth(reaching in the open part of the fan section it should spin with the spray on it.take some sand paper and give the exposed shaft a couple od swipes, NOW remove the mounting screws on the DEAD side that old the motor into the fan section a pull it out..going back in run some sandpaper in the squirrel cage opening where the shaft will go into(couple of sprays won't hurt)MOUNT the motor with the screws....LINING UP THE SQUIRREL cage.stand over the fan section and with your index fingers feel the inlet sides of the fan section inlets left and right and line the squirrel cage so there is somewhat of an even opening with those fingers.if there is any dirt or dust on the rounds of the squirrel cage run your fingers in there to clear them...:whistling2: i will check back after 8PM EST for any questions good luck

chemicalphil 02-02-2008 06:51 PM

I got it
I ended up taking my propane torch and heating up the piece of the fan that slides over the shaft. Then I used a pointed rod that I held in the depression at the end of the shaft, held the whole assembly on the edge of ny bench so that the motor was not resting on anything and gave it a few good whacks with the hammer. That got it.

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