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mlmaher 11-24-2007 09:27 AM

Blower control board
I just replaced the blower control board on my carrier 58GP100 with the ICM 271. Well it fixed the problem of the blower on all the time, however now the blower is out of sync with the burners. The burners will ignite and heat up the furnace and then shut off, then the blower will come on for a few minutes and blow hot air for a few minutes. And this cycle continues.. Before I replaced the board this was not the case. The blower was on the same time as the burners. It was just that the blower would never shut off. I took extra effort to connect the wires exactly as they were on the old board which had the old mechanical relays on it. Is there something else that needs to be changed? Is the new board possibly bad? Any ideas? Thanks

mlmaher 11-24-2007 01:39 PM

This is for the DYSers out there. I am sure the pros knew this one. Comes down to human error, mine specifically. While I did read the instructions and made a diagram of which wires went where. I missed the fact that there was a jumper between GAS1 and GAS3 terminals. I only had a wire going to GAS1. Good thing I saved the original board and re-examined it after going over the installation instructions again. I had read the part about the jumper but I did not notice it the first time around. Voila! terminals jumpered and the furnace is back in proper working order! I do want to thank the forum for steering me in the direction of the blower control board to fix the blower being on all the time! Have a great holiday! At least I know ours will be a warm one now.

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