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meadtlc 10-11-2010 11:19 PM

black mold in air handler/inspector noted mold outside not inside
Help, we had a home inspection that showed mold on the exterior of a sealed recessed air handler in the garage, inspector said to spray with bleach and reseal all leaks in plenums (in and out) . What we did not know is that after you take off the 4 screws to the unit, the thing is full of black mold, coils, fans walls, ect. had a hvac person come who stated that we are breathing that air and that more than likely the spores are growing in our duct work as well. what prompted the hvac person was that the thing shut off as the drain was completely plugged and the drip pan below was full of water. we are not used to the fla furnace systems we have always lived in MI so this is new to us. the house only had 1 lg 18x30 and 1 12x12 cold air return on one side of the house and the system had batting type insulation taped to the house/garage wall where the cold air comes back to the sys and an extreamly upward mastif? coated plenum facing the open garage door that was pushing the cold air. due to the truss system there is not much room (tile roof/gables) the electric bill was 250 for aug-sept and no one was there and set at 82. the sw side of the house split plan has two bd rms and a bath that are about 3 to 6 deg hotter than the ne side of the house. there is literally no room to move in the attic but i did notice that all the houses we looked at the air handler was set side ways in the hole , our is pushed up against the drywall to one side where you can see with a flash light a big gap where the plenum can not be sealed due to it being too close to the wall. in looking at the system witht the hvac person, he said that the sw of any home in southern fla needs to have a large duct for air both ways, he says they can push duct work through the space which is too small for me and i am 120 lb and 5'5". the guy also pointed out that the covers on the vents are fake, they do not open or shut. he seemed very knowledgeable but we have been burned already here by the person who can do it all, so i need some advice. i got a phone call from a person who rented the house in feb and march each yr, he told me that the duct in the liv rm would drip water on the sofa. he complained but i dont know what was taken care of. my concern is moisture already there the first yr built or shall i say finished (start 2001 co in 2005) shotty finish work! owners were over seas and would never know. inspector took readings in temp in and out ret 76 supply 60 diff 16 deg. also made note was in good condition for age of 5 yrs. hvac said all rusted inside. also outside condensor, rubber cover over wires has been cut not torn and water goes on elect wires each time it rains or sprinklers hit. and all rusted from sprinklers, also has a strange sensor half way down that he did not know what it was for, sitting on wood ontop of cement, not bolted, and the "liquid dryer" freeon? unit (round ball shape) wired outside, all rusted out and flaking off. he said all units have them inside the garage. cost to replace 8,600 inclueding rebates and tax credits , with one new supply and return to master, this is without him knowing that the ducts dripped water in the first year. i am afraid to turn it on due to the mold, i almost died from mersa in my spine and hae very low immune system. i fee the inspector did us a great injustice and should be responsible as he even took pic of the mold on the exterior unit in the garage and the county should never have passed this unit and hvac person said he could not believe it was..... many more things missed like walkway sunk 3" from driveway due to no gutter guard. pool deck cracked due to same don t know when that will fall in, i hope not... please any help is greatly appreciated. :(:(:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad:

federer 10-11-2010 11:52 PM

well first i understand you are stressed, but you need to write in coherent paragraphs. its very hard to read what you posted. now, what is it exactly you are asking? what to do about the hvac system???

beenthere 10-12-2010 04:22 AM

Take lots of pics of the inside of the unit. And the other areas you have complaints about. Send them to the HI's office, and ask how they missed them.
Also read your contract. See what they claim they are and aren't responsible for. Might ant to contact your local code authority.

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