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ThisIsMe 01-30-2010 10:10 PM

Beckett fuel supply line
Hi all. Looks like a lot of knowledgeable people in this place. Glad to see such.

I have a Beckett AFG burner. Well actually two of them. I clean them myself as sadly I cannot find anyone around here to do it properly.

Anyways on this burner I do not think it was not installed properly as the burner must be removed to swing open the furnace door. There is hardly any slack in the electrical connections. Something I plan to fix tomorrow as well. The burner is feed by a copper tube. There are about three spirals of tube under the burner. Over time the act of removing the burner to gain access to the furnace, has caused a kink and a pin-hole leak within the spiral of tubing.

The tube comes from underneath the furnace and luckily there is enough to cut back and patch another tube on. My question is what to use? I cannot imagine that using soft cooper is the best answer. I was thinking something more flexible that will prevent this from happening again.

I have some ideas but wanted to see what the experts here would recommend.


beenthere 01-31-2010 08:51 AM

So who does your burner set up with the combustion analyzer?

ThisIsMe 01-31-2010 10:17 AM

Thanks BeenThere. That is what I was thinking a steel braided line. I just need to find the parts to couple it to the existing copper line.

I know enough to step out when needed. The adjustment happens this Monday. Top notch guy. So top he does not clean but will at least adjust for me.

I had the oil company (I know big mistake) "clean" and adjust the furnaces annually. I never paid attention to their work and on the fourth year learned that they never once opened up the fire box or brushed the thing. Apparently they just adjusted them down to deal with the clogging. Plus they charged me $90 each even though they were both at the same location.

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