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Hawkeye 08-18-2009 11:56 AM

Bathroom ventilation question - tight workspace!
We had our basement remodeled and the knuckleheads who put the knockdown on the drywall didn't bother to cover the bathroom vent fan. I'm now replacing the fan. It's a tiny bathroom with a tiny ceiling fan, and the bathroom is against the basement external wall. I got the old fan down (no mean feat) and it was vented directly to the outside through about 4 feet of round ducting, but the ducting wasn't attached to the fan or the outside vent. So, when I pulled the fan down, the ducting is now just rolling around lose above the ceiling, it wasn't attached to anything.

I now have about an 8" by 8" hole in the ceiling to work with, plus the exterior vent. Beyond that, I have no access to the void where the ducting is.

My question is - do I need just suck it up and rip the ceiling drywall out and do this right, or there is some way I can hook up the ducting (either using the existing tube, or running some new) to both the exterior and fan properly? I can slide the fan housing in to give myself room to hook the ducting up to it, but I can't figure out how I'm going to hook it up to the exterior vent.

Any tips? I'd rather not take the ceiling apart because it's a popcorn ceiling and I don't have the skills or tools to put the popcorn back up.

hvac122 08-18-2009 02:57 PM

Can you take the exterior vent cap off and reach in through the hole? If so grab the duct and pull it through the hole, hook it to the cap and push it back in. You may need to make the hole a little bigger to do this. Then as you install the fan hook the duct to it,

Michael Thomas 08-18-2009 03:31 PM

If you absolutely can't get things to work otherwise, one possible solution is to use a Fantech RFV exterior mounted fan:

Once the old fan is out The 8 x 8 opening will be large enough to allow you to install a junction box and run the wiring to the Fantech,
and attach the duct to a Fantech intake grille, you can mount it in a removable access panel to close the opening in the ceiling:

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