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fritzycat1 06-19-2009 11:03 PM

Bathroom Fan - Do Insulated Exhaust Ducts Meet California Building Code?
I'm replacing an existing bathroom fan and wanted to get some advice about the type of ducting to use. I would like to use insulated flexible ducting to reduce the possibility of condensation and also to help absorb some of the fan noise.

I was considering this ducting material:

However, I believe that the California building code requires METAL ducting to be used for fire-prevention reasons. The web site that sells the ducting material says the insulated flexible ducting is certified by the City of Los Angeles and California Bureau of Home Furnishings (I live in Los Angeles county, but not in the city). How can I (easily) confirm that this material will meet my local building codes for this application?

Thanks all!

fritzycat1 06-20-2009 02:29 PM

No replies to my post... I must have stumped you all.

Does it really matter if the duct work will comply to the California building codes? :confused1:

I've got to figure the guy at Home Depot wouldn't have recommended the non-metalic flexible duct if it wasn't to code for my area.

It looks like ventilation and such is covered under the '2007 Mechanical Building Code' ( ) .. but I can't seem to make heads nor tails of what applies to bathroom ventilation.

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