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Basic Steps To Relocate and Air Condenser

Hi all... just joined the forum. Now that it is cooler out, I am moving my air condenser from the south side to the north side of my garage. I have a perfect spot with no obstructions. I did a brief search of this topic but didn't see a concise method for getting this done safely..

Can anyone post step by step instructions on how to move the unit? Please include what special tools are needed and what should be done by a certified professional. I do almost all of my projects myself but do my research first before I start. Two things caught my attention from previous posts:

1. Is it necessary or recommended to have the system reconnected by a professional.
2. If I reconnect myself, is brazing the only or best method?

Please include any "watch outs" that may be important.



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I have done a fair amount of this stuff for home owners over the years. They do most of the instillation and then they hire me to come in and check it out. I find it works well for the most part. One thing that I insist on and that is I do not guarantee anything they have done. That is their responsibility and I write that into the contract.

For the most part I do the brazing and the refrigeration and then test the unit. If it fails for whatever reason and it is their install portion they pay extra for my services at the hourly rate of a service call.

Brazing is the way to go.

Unless you have the tools and the knowledge to calculate the quantity of refrigerant you should just hire that out. It also needs to be vacuum tested for leaks.

Other than that it is pretty straight forward. Electrical is not that tough if you have done 240 before, rerouting the line set is not a problem if you know how to deal with copper pipe. You might have to get a longer one or cut down the one you have.


Seal every connection as soon as it is cut. Can't have any dust or particulates in the line.

Be careful not to damage any cooling fins when moving the unit.

Be careful not to kink the line set. While that is no big deal as it can be replaced it is expensive.

Don't forget to run the control wire to the unit.

The unit had to be on a pad to keep it level and keep the fins clean. No dirt or sand.


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If you're not up to doing the whole job yourself, then find someone that will come and draw down your system, tell you what should be in place upon return, do those things yourself, and then have the tech come back, inspect your work, braze and do a start-up. That should cut your costs but make sure the most sensitive parts of the job are done by someone experienced.
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Perfect... just what I was looking for. thanks for the help.
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