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handy man88 10-31-2007 01:56 PM

Basement Return Location
My finished basement does not have a return for the 2 zone hvac system that I have for my house. It was recently noted that I have a level of radon in the basement that violates the max limit.

A radon abatement system was installed, but I wonder if not having a return for my HVAC system contributes to the lack of circulation in the basement. If I were to install returns in the basement, do these need to be on the ceiling or can be middle or bottom of a wall. What is the code for a basement return?

KUIPORNG 10-31-2007 02:59 PM

the return should be on the bottom of the wall at an open area with sufficient size, you may need two vent ....

whether this is the code I am not hundred % sure, but it should be pretty close to it ...or the code may be a bit looser restriction than above, but above is the best way to do it...

why I know, because I did a lot of research before finishing my basement and above configuration was passed to the code people in our city and they didn't say anything... just kind of nod their head .... (probably amazed how did I know that)...

HVACDave 10-31-2007 06:53 PM

Local codes will differ from area to area, if you are doing the reno yourself it probably won't make a lot of matter. If you are concerned call your local building inspector or gas provider. Typically a floor location in the basement is nice because it takes the cold air off of the floor to recondition.

The only place you really don't want to place one is in a room that doesn't have a supply duct as well, and in any room that contains a fuel burning piece of equipment, like your furnace room, or one with a fireplace or gas stove etc. (The danger here is that you could cause a negative pressure area and draw combustion products back down the chimeny system and cause possible carbon monoxide poisoning.)

Hope that helps,


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