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buckybadger 08-16-2011 10:44 AM

Basement Remodel - HVAC Code Question
I'll hopefully be getting my framing and electrical permits finaled next week. I did not pull a warm air/sheet metal permit on this project because there were already two supply vents in the ceiling before I started and while I took out the previous drop ceiling, I replaced it with another drop ceiling (CeilingMax, Ceilume). I could clearly tell the vents were installed a long time ago and the furnace was installed by the previous homeowner about five years ago. I would like to assume (I know, dangerous) that the installer took these supply vents into account when calibrating the new furnace. (Lennox G60UH-36A-070-06, 54k BTU Output, on about 1300 sq ft.)

My question arises from the fact that when I passed my framing rough in the inspector made a comment about what the heat source was down there, got distracted by something else, and didn't really question me any further about it. I was hesitant to point out the existing vents for fear that he'd want me to get a permit for it to make sure it meets current code. As far as I'm concerned I'm fine with the existing setup and except for changing the ceiling material around the vents haven't made any other alterations to the HVAC system.

At this point I'm not sure if it's better to leave the vents uninstalled or have them visible and in place for the final. I'm just really afraid of getting some overzealous inspector who will try to make me get a new permit on the premise that what was installed there before doesn't apply now; not really looking to overhaul my HVAC system over adding a game room to the basement.

By the way, the plan review desk didn't make any comments about HVAC in the space and just had me pull a framing and electrical permit.

beenthere 08-16-2011 04:56 PM

That furnace should be plenty for a 1300 sq ft house. May need a return in that room to heat it right.

yuri 08-16-2011 05:34 PM

I doubt they are interested in your vents as long as they look neat and the main hot air duct has 1" clearance from the joists it should be OK. There is usually a "Grandfather Clause" that if it was OK before they don't usually make you redo things.

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