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lhempel 11-29-2007 12:57 PM

Basement HVAC Basement HVAC
First time participant-Good Morning
I am installing supply and return in a basement finish job. I have done this kind of cutting and assembly previously but have not given much thought to the cfm out vs the cfm into the system. Nievely I teamed a 6 inch return to each 6 inch supply in the past. The supply vents will be in the ceiling-returns at floor level. To complicate this picture-I have radiant floor heat and will probably use the forced air for AC and occasional (quick) heat. Am I ok with this plan-I live in Minnesotaaaaa-burrrrr. FYI the furnace is in the basement. Center wall seperates the 46 x 26 foot basement spaces. Finsihed space will be open and measures 16 x 46. Mechanica side has a 12" outside air duct. House is 3 years old. sorry to be wordy. Thanks for any feedback

mrkool 12-02-2007 08:12 PM

Well, without a picture, should be ok, a lot depends on how many and how tight the elbows and 45's are, but being your in the basement WITH the furnace, I don't see any issues other than the air (heat/cool) for upstairs,
as you maybe robbing too much as your closer to the output.
I would have ran a whole new trunk line and used a thermosta controled damper to decide who get air, because normally, it's warmer up and cooler down and 2 thermostats, 2 dampers and 1 control box can really help with up's and down's.

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