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wadams 12-06-2007 06:44 AM

Baseboard heat not heating house.. Please help
I bought a house that has a Burnham series 2 boiler and 2 zones. Since I bought the house I have had the heat set at 50 to maintain some heat while I am not there (it is currently 20 degrees outside). It has alwys displayed 50 on both thermostats and seemed to keep up fine. Today I put both thermostats to 70 and after 3.5 hours it only raised the temperature 5 degrees.

The gauge on the boiler show that the water pressure is 30 psi and the water temperature is about 170. there seems to be water circulating because there is heat coming from all baseboards.

I understand that it is cold outside and that it is a fairly large house but something must be wrong. At this rate I wont be able to move my family into the house if it will only heat to 55 degrees.

The pipes seem to make fairly normal sounds.every once in awhile a little tink but no knocking or water running sounds.

Thank you for any help

Mdbuilder 12-06-2007 06:59 AM

You might try bleeding the radiators, could be an airlock somewhere.

LawnGuyLandSparky 12-06-2007 09:12 AM

Maybe the "low limit" is set too high? Would cause the circulators to cut out when the boiler temp falls below the setpoint. This would cause a lot of cycling, although the baseboards would still always be warm.

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