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rick32 03-31-2007 02:33 PM

baseboard electric heaters?
Im currently remodeling a house and some of the baseboard heaters are out dated. I need to know how much and what size per room. i think theres a formula for this but im not sure. I live in the north east so i get a lot of cold and snow. and ill be insulating as i go. any help would be greatly appreciated......Rick.......

hvactech 04-01-2007 09:50 AM

You must figure out the voltage of the heaters (most likely 220V) and multiply it by the amperage draw and the result will be the wattage, for example at 220V and 20 amps the heater would be rated at 4400 Watts, then divide 4400 by 3.414 BTUíS per watts to get the heater BTU rating of 1288.
Most of the time you may find the watts ratings stamped somewhere in the heater, also to find the amp draw you must find the resistance of the heater using an ohm meter and divide the number by the heaters voltage for example a 220 volt heater with a resistance of 5 ohms will draw 44 amps.
Again most of the time you donít need to use all those calculations because the number are stamped somewhere in the heater. Good luck.
check this link for more tech info

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