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kourso 07-11-2007 01:32 AM

Bad House ventilation ?????
I live in S. Louisiana and I have a 1975 sq. ft. brick veneer house that retains tooo much heat in the attic. When the house was built ridge vents were installed but I had vinyl soffit and fascia put on with too little perforation area. Like one perforated panel every 4 panels. I then installed two power vents on the roof with one of them being a gable power vent. I would like to open more sq. in. of ventilation to help give more breathing to the attic. On a hot 95 degree day my 4 ton a/c runs pretty hard to keep the house at 75 degrees.
I know the attic is continuing to stay over 100 degrees and doesn't really dissapate the heat until after midnight.
I want to gain some ventilation to the attic but the vinyl soffit has me stuffed up. I might add I do have at least 10 in of blown in rock wool insulation, like R 30 in the ceiling.
I know any a/c will takes a beating in this climate.
But this house doesn't stay cool for very long. I also suspect my construction grade double pane windows leak badly.
What should I do to help unload the hot air and get more cold to stay in ?
I even started drilling out the vinyl perforations bigger to give more air. Does this sound feasible ?

MechanicalDVR 07-11-2007 08:26 PM

Why not just pull out the solid soffit panels and just replace them with all ventilated panels? Also make sure that the air has a clear path to the attic from the soffit space to the attic you may have to add styrofoam baffles to keep the insulation from blocking the free flow of air.

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