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Aux heat always running and high energy bills


If you are a top of the line HVAC repair mechanic/technician then I have a question for you. That question is why is my thermostate always calling for aux heat when it is either at or within one to two degrees of operating temperature? Example...I place the temp ar 68 degrees and the indoor temp is 67 degrees, why is the aux heat being called? Or the temp is set to 69 degrees and the inside temp is 69 degrees and the aux heat decides to run again. Why is that? I have had a few things done to try and resolve the issue and those are re-wiring the thermostate and also replacing the thermostate. This also included checking the filter, the freon ie..high and lowside, and windows. All which have resulted in the same results and those results being Aux heat is still being called on. I have received two bills over 600 hundred dollars and the best the technicians can do for me is tell me that it cost more to heat a house than to cool it. I mean is that the best they can come up with? Oh yeah, they also mentioned the insulation as a posible issue too. Not one of these tech have been able to tell me why this event is occuring. I have read many a post that indicate that the system is calling Aux to help bring up the temperature, but should this be happening often? I've timed it and it occurs every 15 to 30 mins and runs for anywhere from 5 to 15 mins. My thoughts are with the Aux aspect of the Furnace unit. Does anyone know if there are any recalls on Trane systems, and if so where I can find the recalls for these systems? My thoughts are the Aux heat sending unit is "screwed" hense costing me a fortune. If anyone out there knows anything about this issue or what was done to resolve it can you let me know? Cause at this rate the bills are going to wipe out my saving and end up putting on the unemployment line.

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Post model of heat pump, and rand model number of thermostat.

Also, post your location, and the temps you have been having.

Many newer stats are quick to bring on the aux, even when not 100% needed.

Thermostats that use CPH to control cycling of the heat/cooling, are often times set wrong.

If you know how to check your CPH for your aux heat. See what it is set at. If it is set at 4 or higher, lower it to 3 or 2.

There is no recall for units bringing on the aux heat to quick/often, or long.

That is an issue with your thermostat. Not the equipment itself.


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