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Dust in my House and it has an 'attic smell' when A/C runs

I've read these replies and they all sound good.

BUT, I had same problem and I think I located it after 2years also.

My heat/dust/smell was coming from the attic access pull-down stairs. I left a light on in my attic and at night noticed a faint bit of light coming through the door edge.

I sealed it and thought I was the next guest on This Old House....but it still happened again.

I turned that light on again at night....Bammm!!! Dang warm air and dust from attic coming through the main piano-style hinge on the ATTIC DOOR. I have a second air return located on the wall/floor under that door that was pulling that dust and attic air right down through the hinge.

I opened attic access pull-down ladder, sealed it with duct tape and I swear I can tell a difference 5 hours later.

Hope that helps anyone, if it doesn't then there are other good ideas.


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AC Duct Smells, too

I joined specifically to search on this very topic. I, too, am at my wit's end over a smell coming from our AC registers. The smell is only noticable when the air is running, not the heat. The smell is a musty, moldy smell and is most noticable when it gets hot outside and I live in Georgia so it is hot a lot! The weird thing is that is is only present in a few of our vents, not all. I did have one really helpful Heat/Air person come out who noticed we had an air flow problem. We have a RUUD split system with the air unit in the attic. Turns out our plenum (sp?) box was built too large for the unit which didn't allow enought pressure to force air through the ducts. Also, several of our ducts were crimped at the register. We have flex ducts. These were replaced with elbows and the duct line leading off the supply side was replaced (which is where two of the ducts were stinking.) Following the replacement of the plenum box, we noticed the smell in two of the registers was gone and is still gone. However, the smell remains in one other register in our kitchen. What I do not understand is the significance of replacing the plenum and changing out the duct line leading from it and why this alleviated the smell. I think the other register might be from the return side. I'm thinking of having the entire line replaced in hopes it might get rid of the smell in the kitchen register. It's really perplexing and sounds crazy but it is real. Our house is only 6 years old and we just started noticing this smell two years ago. It is also more noticable when the air is not running and seems to disappear when the air kicks on. Any help or thoughts appreciated!
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If the supply side of the furnace/airhandler in the attic have majer leaks this would cause positive preasure in the attic and negative preasure in the rooms. All air would push/suck into the living space causeing smell/dust. do you notice dirt or streaks of dust @ the registers? if you do take off the register and seal between the sheet rock and the boot to eliminate leaks. As for the attic ducts main, remove all insulation from the main and mastic tape all seams.
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Attic Air Smell

This problem of attic air smell began when I had a new roof installed. I discovered when the roofers removed the shingles around my skylights, it disturbed the flashing seal on the skylight curb allowing attic air to come into my living area. Resealed around skylight curb and all is good again.
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Re: Attic Smell from A/C - I'm at wit's end!

Has anyone on this thread completely gotten rid of their smell? We bought our house in Destin 3 years ago and have pumped thousands into trying to find the same smell over our kitchen. We're replacing one of our AC units because it was pushing most of the air but it was the smaller unit and the duct work in the attic wasn't properly routed or installed causing condensation to drop out of the vents and soaking the insulation anywhere near it. It wasn't visible on the white ceiling so we didn't catch it. I thought it was the hood vent because it smells in our walls and cabinets too but only near our kitchen area. Apparently that's where the duct work screw up is centered. Guy cut a hole in the ducts to show my husband the jizz in there. 3 years, duct cleaning, mold remediation, lots of Scentsy, lots of guys in and out of our house and no answers until recently when I threatened my husband with burning it to the ground. This guy is hopefully our savior but we'll still have to suck out the old insulation and replace right? Who does that without ripping out all the dry wall? Walls are hollow from attic access over that area. Vacuum cleaner to suck it out? Will it work? We're literally going broke trying to get rid of that damned smell!


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