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nomad4137 09-04-2009 11:59 PM

Attic Insulation question
I also have a 2 Story house in Dallas with a twist. It has 3 basically seperate attics. 1 over the bedrooms which are in a 2 downstairs, 2 upstairs config.

2nd attic is over the "no upstairs" portion of the home where the kitchen & dining rooms + garage are located.

Between these 2 attics is a sloped ceiling (goes from 20' to 24') that has perhaps 12" of space between the ceiling & roof. Unaccessible to man due to these limitations. I would est. this section is 42' X 27'.

This house has recently been re-roofed & now features ridge vents & new intake soffits. Insulation is original 1965 & minimal at best.

Question is how best to deal with this 12" portion that you cannot possibly crawl in?

JohnH1 09-06-2009 06:48 PM

You may be able to drill aprox 2" holes in the drywall celing every 2 to 4ft and blow in insulation. Unless this is a designed pathway for air to flow from one attic up and out the other. Then you won want to compleatly block the joist spaces up. Just an idea I am not a insulation person.

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