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reikiray 07-27-2007 10:08 AM

Attic Insulation - Do's and Don'ts
We just bought a brick 1960 ranch style home which has a long roofline. The existing insulation is probably about R12 or so and is the blown in type. Here are my questions:
1) Should some type of plastic wrap (ie house wrap) be used on the floor of the attic to prevent moisture/humidity from the house entering the attic?
2) What would be the best way to insulate the attic and reduce any moisture build up there? Please describe the proper steps to take. Should the old insulation be removed before installing new insulation? Is cotton insulation effective as an insulator?
3) The home has a whole-house fan which may be the cause of some of the humidity leaking into the attic. Should we have this whole house fan removed? (It does seem to cool the house down in the evening after a hot summer day). I should also mention there are only 3 very small passive vents on the roof.
4) We are going to have a new roof put on, and are considering a ridge vent. Is this a good idea?

SecretSquirrel 07-27-2007 10:21 AM

Lot's of good information on the Owens Corning web site that addresses the majority of your questions. I'm sure others will provide good tips as well.

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