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bman2448 12-29-2008 06:56 PM

Aprilaire 700a wiring issue
I just installed a 700A aprilaire humidifier on my Rheem furnace. Sorry Don't have the model of the Rheem, I can get it but I can't find any owners manual (online). It is about 15 years old.
Anyway, it is installed and wired. It does not work. The humidistat lights up and will blink green(humidifier on) when I put it in test mode but nothing happens on the humidifier.
I moved the "H" wires from the H terminal on the stat to the "R and C" terminal on the humidistat and the humidifier started working (water running and fan on). But it will not shut off this way. It just seems that the humidifier is not getting any power.
My furnace only has 5 connections (here is where it gets hard)....It has a R, C, G, Y, and W. I hooked the R And C to the R and C of the humidistat and the W to the G/W on the humidistat; as I think the W is the burner. Hooked the H's tp the H's on the thermostat and the ODT's on the humidistat to the outside temp.
Here is what I think the connections go to (C--common, R--24 VAC, G--blower, Y--a/c, W--Burner)
I did not hook the Cf up to anything as I am not sure what it should go to..I know it is the common on the furnace but I have that attached tot he C on the humidistat. And I don't think it is needed. The directions say that it should go to the 24VAC Common (I think)
I appreciate any help you may have.

kennzz05 12-29-2008 11:48 PM

looked for the install manual online didnt find it if you can post it ,you may get help normally its fed by w(heat) GOING TO THE STAT THAN OUT OF THE STAT to one of the solenoid wires than common going directly to the other solenoid wire i think you may have extra terminals to use an outdoor air sensor(which isnt mandatory)

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