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daveincincy 12-28-2005 11:19 AM

Any dealer/installer recommendations in Cincinnati?
Possibly looking to replace my a/c unit since we have to have someone service it about every 1.5 years to charge it. It's probably about 10 years old, and I'm trying to be pro-active before it really goes. Another factor is the new regulation going into effect sometime in January '06, that will prohibit the sale of a/c units with less than a 13 SEER rating. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I do know it means a considerable difference in price between a unit with a 13 SEER and one less than 13. Figured if I look into replacing it now, I might save some money....if dealers in town still have units in stock with less than 13 SEER. Another factor I think will effect pricing is whether to go with a unit that utilizes Puron, which is in Carrier units, but might be called something else in other brands, or going with the R22 refrigerant.

Recommendations? Thoughts?


oddjob 12-29-2005 12:18 AM

SEER means " seasonal energy efficiency rating ". Basically in the case of the 13 SEER unit you can remove 13 btu's of heat for every 1 watt of electricity consumed. This is under perfect conditions, which cannot be duplicated once it leaves the factory:) . You can also create problems by mis-matching units, like changing only your outdoor portion of your unit to a higher SEER and not the inside unit. This is speaking of a split system.

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