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211 10-28-2011 01:54 PM

American Standard Freedom 90: Burners go out once blower kicks on.
I'm helping a buddy of mine troubleshoot his furnace.
American Standard
Freedom 90
Model #: ADX060C936D3

He's been having intermittent issues with it since last year, mostly ignition problems where the ignitor would click a bunch, blower would kick on without burner igniting, blower would kick off. This would repeat until sometimes the heat would come on. Of course when the tech came out it turned on right away. $100 and a year later more issues arise.

The other night he fired it off and it ran all night, went to change the temp from 61F to 68F and it got as far as 63f and started acting up.

I had him check the pressure switch and any blockage in the tubes going to the switch. He said the pressure switch was fine but there was water in the hose going to the draft inducer.

He drained the water and the furnace still acts up. It will start up the inducer, glowplugs ignite the burner and as soon as the blower turns on the burner dies and it blows cold air and then it will just click over and over again flashing a code:
3 Flashes.
"Draft Pressure Error - Possible problems:
a) venting problem
b) pressure switch problem
c) inducer problem"

Heres a picture of the inside of the furnace. The clear tube running diagnally from the inducer blower is the one that had water in it.

hvac122 10-28-2011 08:49 PM

Check the condensate for blockage.

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