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I have an American Standard freedom 90 furnace.The problem I have is; even I turned temp up to 80 degree and hold. I stell have 68 room temp. Even I let it run for fives hours continuosly. I put my palm over the grill, and I feel a litter hot air blow out only. not hot enough
All five burners are firing all time.

Please help:(

cjett 05-21-2008 08:59 AM

Have you checked your filter? Is the indoor blower working?

Plumberman 06-01-2008 09:19 PM

Sounds to me like your fan speed was not set during installation. Faster air speed does not allow sufficient time to "heat" the air passing through. This can lead to long running with improper heating. Most newer furnaces call for a 45-75F or 35-65F rise in temperature from the air entering the furnace to the air leaving. This will be listed on the rating plate inside the unit. Get yourself a small digital probe thermometer ($5-$20 cost), run the furnace for approximately 20 mins (to balance air temperatures) and check the temperature entering the unit on the return and check the air temp leaving the unit, preferably 5-10 feet from the furnace to prevent false temperatures from infrared energy from the exchangers. Subtract the return temp from the supply temp and you then have your "Rise" temp. You want this as close to the middle of your range as possible. if your temp is lower than spec then set for fan speed to a lower setting to raise your rise temp. If it's higher, then you fan need to be set on a higher speed to lower the rise temp.

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